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Welcome to The Shirt and Tie Health Guy, your ultimate destination for achieving optimal health and wellness as a busy professional. As a health coach and busy professional myself, I understand the challenges of maintaining a healthy lifestyle while juggling the demands of work and life. That's why my mission is to help empower individuals like you to prioritize their health and wellness, so they can perform their best in all areas of life.

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My Story

My name is Erick Rivas, and I am a father, husband, sports fanatic, health & fitness enthusiast, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and The Shirt and Tie Health Guy. My mission is to empower busy professionals like myself, to live their healthiest lives.

From my early days as a sports-loving kid to my post-college years, the gym became my sanctuary for staying in shape. However, it wasn't until I reached a turning point in August 2018 that I truly understood what it meant to be healthy.

For three years, despite my dedication to a five-day-a-week workout routine, I was neglecting crucial factors that hindered my ability to function optimally. Frequent colds, relentless headaches, mental fog, and fatigue became my unwelcome companions. Even though I ate throughout the day, I found myself constantly hungry. By mid-afternoon, I struggled to stay alert at work, desperately seeking the energy I lacked. Something was amiss, but the solution eluded me.

It was through this ordeal, and by the guiding light of my beautiful wife, that I discovered the profound world of health and nutrition. In 2018, my journey commenced, and it was the transformative changes I implemented that brought my health to where it deserved to be. Within weeks, I felt a remarkable difference: increased energy, vanishing brain fog, and a newfound vitality that gave me a second chance at life. Intrigued by the possibilities, my passion for health and nutrition ignited like wildfire. I couldn't quench my thirst for knowledge; every day brought enlightenment and growth. By incorporating innovative dietary practices, exploring supplements, redefining exercise routines, and embracing small yet impactful lifestyle changes, I have experienced a wealth of positive effects.

Now, I continue down this enlightening path as a devoted student, eager to absorb fresh insights every day. Even more significantly, I embrace my role as an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, earnestly seeking to assist fellow busy professionals in making profound, lasting transformations.


Get started with a free initial consultation to see if my health coaching program is right for you.

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